You will need to record on your own device. We recommend using a laptop or smartphone with a video camera. Once you record video, proceed to fill out our form .

You can watch a video that will explain how to best record your video, but you can also follow these instructions.


  1. State your name, where you live and say you an erased ________. Example: I´m Laura from Oceanside, California and I am an erased aunt.
  2. State how long you have not seen your child? Give the answer in years or days. Example: I have not seen my daughter for three years, five months and six days. Or I can only see my daughter once a month for three hours. 20 second time limit.
  3. Is there a legal reason why you cannot see your kids? A no contact order, restraining order, no visitation granted, a visitation not being enforced, involvement of a child welfare agency? 30 seconds
  4. How have the family courts treated you? Do they respond in a timely manner? Have they imprisoned you? Treated you fairly? 30 seconds.
  5. Is there an emotional reason why you can´t see your kids? Like they have been turned against you, they are threatened with harm if they communicate with you? If you could talk with them, how would they respond? 30 seconds
  6. Have there been similar experiences within your family? We ask because sometimes these situations repeat over generations or people enter relationships with a new partner who also can´t see their kids, etc. 30 seconds
  7. Are there other cases of family bond obstruction that you personally know about? Don’t tell us about cases on social media, but cases in your community, in your family court. The more specific the better. 30 seconds.
  8. What do you miss most about having a relationship with your child? A specific activity, the day-to-day, the holidays, a life event (graduation)? 30 seconds
  9. How are you and other family members suffering? Maybe you lost your job due to attending court, financial hardship paying for lawyers, or emotional suffering like depression, anger, suicidal attempts, loosing other relationships. 30 seconds
  10. How is your child suffering? If you have not had any contact for a time do not answer or you can imagine what they might be going through. 30 seconds
  11. Do you have hope that your own situation will improve? Or that society will make reforms to help all families going through this? 20 seconds
  12. If somehow you could send a message to your child, what would you say to them? 30 seconds
  13. Anything else about your story that you want to mention that is unique? For example, you are prevented from seeing your child but you are a teacher who takes care of children, you see your child grow up on social media, you live 5 blocks away but haven´t seen your child in a year. 30 seconds.

Thank you! Please encourage other family members to share their stories, and identify that that they are connected to your story by giving your email.

The size limit for videos is 512MB, you can use any software to compress. If you don´t have compression software you can use the free platform at

Once you record video, proceed to fill out our form .